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We are working in the field of General Contractors & Real Estate in the area of Georgia / United States of America also We are assisting investors to find the right projects, buying and selling to increase their revenue.

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We started a Homes and Commercial Remodelling Company serving the Metro Atlanta area over 10 years ago, doing Kitchen, Bath and Basement Remodelling, including Decks, Roofing, Siding and all Flooring with high quality and competitive prices.

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Mosa Contracting guaranties the utmost in design and craftsmanship with a great team of professionals to ensure your Remodelling or Renovation project offers lasting enjoyment and adds value to your building.

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Mosa Contracting has a wide experience in remodeling commercial properties like Restaurants, Retail, Offices and Warehouses.

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During a transition phase we expanded our field of expertise to Multi Family Residential Sector as we built from ground as general contractors we are completely Insured and fully Licensed.

Our sister company privately owned homes fixed and put it back in the market for other investor and for retail.

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Eventually we took over highly complex General Contracting Work merging all other fields of work to a comprehensive solution for our customers construction needs.2016-04-20 14.09.46

This in return enabled us to become highly efficient and competitive for the benefit of our clients.

We are a very motivated company looking to grow and will accept larger projects and hire great crew to run the business for you for only cost plus, fair managing agreement.

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Be one of our partners on your job if you like and ask for details.

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We cooperate with experienced Architects and Designers with a broad knowledge of Commercial and Residential building and spacial requirements.

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We are a dedicated company who stands by their word. We honor our contracts and take pride in the work we are doing and any work we have completed in the past.

We definitely appreciate your business and are looking forward to discussing your specific needs with you shortly.

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kitchen & Bath Remodeling will increase the value of your home and make it more Sell-able 

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